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List of Filters Registered with The HDF Group
Filter Identifier(click on the link for more information about the filter)NameShort Description
305LZOLZO lossless compression used by PyTables
307BZIP2BZIP2 lossless compression used by PyTables
32000LZFLZF lossless compression used by H5Py project
32001BLOSCBlosc lossless compression used by PyTables
32002MAFISCModified LZMA compression filter, MAFISC (Multidimensional Adaptive Filtering Improved Scientific data Compression)
32003SnappySnappy lossless compression.
32004LZ4LZ4 fast lossless compression algorithm
32005APAXSamplify's APAX Numerical Encoding Technology
32006CBFAll imgCIF/CBF compressions and decompressions, including Canonical, Packed, Packed Vesrsion 2, Byte Offset and Nibble Offset.
32007JPEG-XREnables images to be compressed/decompressed with JPEG-XR compression
32008bitshuffleExtreme version of shuffle filter that shuffles data at bit level instead of byte level.
32009SPDPSPDP fast lossless compression algorithm for single- and double-precision floating-point data.
32010LPC-RiceLPC-Rice multi-threaded lossless compression
32011CCSDS-123ESA CCSDS-123 multi-threaded compression filter
32012JPEG-LSCharLS JPEG-LS multi-threaded compression filter
32013zfpRate, accuracy or precision bounded compression for floating-point arrays
32014fpzipFast and Efficient Lossy or Lossless Compressor for Floating-Point Data
32015ZstandardReal-time compression algorithm with wide range of compression / speed trade-off and fast decoder
32016B³DGPU based image compression method developed for light-microscopy applications
32017SZAn error-bounded lossy compressor for scientific floating-point data
32018FCIDECOMPEUMETSAT CharLS compression filter for use with netCDF
32019JPEGJpeg compression filter