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FeatureC/C++ ExampleFortran ExampleAdditional Files

H5DS: HDF5 Dimension Scale


H5IM: HDF5 Image

Create 8-bit image and attach a paletteex_image1.c  
Create 8-bit and 24-bit image, attach palette and read backex_image2.c 

image24pixel.txt,   image8.txt

H5LT: HDF5 Lite


H5TB: HDF5 Table

Creating and reading a tableex_table_01.c   
Appending and reading recordsex_table_02.c   
Overwriting recordsex_table_03.c   
Writing and reading fields by nameex_table_04.c   
Writing and reading fields by indexex_table_05.c   
Deleting recordsex_table_07.c   
Inserting recordsex_table_08.c   
Adding records from one table to anotherex_table_09.c   
Combining tablesex_table_10.c   
Inserting a new field into a tableex_table_11.c   
Deleting a field from a tableex_table_12.c  

H5PT: HDF5 Packet Table

Create, write, and read a packet table (C)ptExampleFL.c   
Create, write and read a packet table (C++)ptExampleFL.cpp