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Introductory examplesExamples from Learning the Basics
Creates / Reads / Writes Attributesh5_attribute.c
Reads / Writes from a Chunked Dataset (reads file created by h5_extend_write.c)h5_chunk_read.c
Creates a compound datatype, writes array of compound and reads back fields' subsetsh5_compound.c
Shows how to use virtual file driversh5_drivers.c
Demonstrates how the data transform features in HDF5 workh5_dtransform.c
Windows to Unix traversal function for external linksh5_elink_unix2win.c
Create and appends to an extendible dataseth5_extend_write.c
Create and uses external links in HDF5h5_extlink.c
Creates a group with two datasets, creates hard link to group and uses iterator functionsh5_group.c
Checks if group exists and creates intermediate groupsh5_interm_group.c
Shows concept of mounting filesh5_mount.c
Reads hyperslabs from file created with h5_write.ch5_read.c
Creates, stores, and dereferences references to dataset regionsh5_ref2reg.c
Creates and reads object referencesh5_reference.c
Selects hyperslabs and elements to write selected data from memory to fileh5_select.c
Creates a file using property lists to control which messages are shared (to save space)h5_shared_mesg.c
Creates a dataset using default propertiesh5_write.c
Example of using parallel HDF5ph5example.c