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A PAL_TYPE of "STANDARD8" defines a palette dataset such that the first entry defines index 0, the second entry defines index 1, etc. up until the length of the palette - 1. This assumes an image dataset with direct indexes into the palette.


If the PAL_TYPE is set to "RANGEINDEX", there will be an additional attribute with a name of "PAL_RANGEINDEX",  (See example 2 for more details)

Attribute name="PAL_RANGEINDEX"   (Denigrated)

The PAL_RANGEINDEX attribute contains an HDF object reference (HDF5 datatype H5T_STD_REF_OBJ) pointer which specifies a range index array in the file to be used for color lookups for the palette.  (Only for PAL_TYPE="RANGEINDEX")


Attribute name="PAL_MINMAXNUMERIC"


Attribute Name(R = Required, 
O = Optional)
TypeString SizeValue
PAL_COLORMODELRString3, 4, or 5Color Model:  "RGB", YUV", "CMY", "CMYK", "YCbCr", or "HSV"


or 10


or "RANGEINDEX" (Denigrated)

 Object Reference  <Object Reference to Dataset of range index values>
PAL_MINMAXNUMERICOArray[2] of <same datatype as palette> The first value is the <Minimum value for color values>, the second value is <Maximum value for color values>2
  1. The RANGE_INDEX attribute is required if the PAL_TYPE is "RANGEINDEX".  Otherwise, the RANGE_INDEX attribute should be omitted. (Range index is denigrated.)
  2. The minimum and maximum are optional.  If not set, the range is assumed to the maximum range of the number type.  If one of these attributes is set, then both should be set.  The value of the minimum must be less than or equal to the value of the maximum.