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Both static and dynamic user properties associated with the following classes of objects are discussed in specific chapters of the HDF5 User’s Guide:


File propertiesThe HDF5 File
Group propertiesHDF5 Groups
Dataset properties
HDF5 Datasets


The “H5P: Property List Interface” section in the  HDF5 Reference Manual  lists and describes the usage details for all of the interfaces used to manage the above types of properties and several additional types.


Library Metadata

Aside from the hierarchical structure of a file, library metadata is generally opaque to the user.

If a file’s structure is unknown, it can be determined through functions described in the “H5L: Link Interface,” “H5O: Object Interface,” and “H5G: Group Interface” sections of the  HDF5 Reference Manual .

Managing Metadata

Metadata Cache


These issues are discussed in detail in “Metadata Caching in HDF5,” a document in the collection  Advanced Topics in HDF5 .

The HDF5 functions used to manage metadata caching are described in the “H5F: File Interface” and “H5P: Property List Interface” sections of the  HDF5 Reference Manual . Look for functions with names containing the string '_mdc'.


In release 1.10, metadata journaling functions will be described in the HDF5 the HDF5 Reference Manual and Manual and a detailed discussion of their use is expected to be included in the collection Advanced collection Advanced Topics in HDF5.