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VersionHDFView 3.1.1
Release Date2020-05-15


Release Notes

Release Notes

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HDFView 3.1.1 source for HDF5-1.10.6 and HDF 4.2.15:

File (and sha256 file)Operating SystemComment
hdfview-3.1.1.tar.gz (sha256)UnixCompressed source.  Build Instructions (sha256)WindowsCompressed source zip file.  Build Instructions
HDFView User's Guide PDF
UsersGuide.tar.gzUnixHTML; Compressed documentation
UsersGuide.zipWindowsHTML; Compressed documentation
Ready to use binariesUnix, WindowsPre-built HDFView software


Release Notes

Include Bitbucket Server for Confluence: Application link to Bitbucket Server is missing

You need an application link to Bitbucket Server to use this functionality. Please contact your system administrator to create one.

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