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VersionHDFView 3.1
Release Date2019-03-18


Release Notes

Release Notes

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See the HDFView download page for HDFView binaries built for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

HDFView source code can be obtained here:

FileOperating SystemComment
hdfview-3.1.0.tar.gzSource releaseGzipped source tarball.  Build Instructions
hdfview-3.1.0.zipSource releaseWindows zip file.  Build Instructions
Ready to use binariesUnix, WindowsPre-built HDFView software


Release Notes

The current HDFView products can be downloaded at:

HDF Libraries
This release was built and tested with HDF 4.2.x and HDF5 1.10.x.

Windows ONLY: HDFView was built with VS 2015, and it requires that
the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages be installed on your machine.
If you cannot access HDF5 files then you do not have these packages.
You can obtain them from:

This release was built and tested with OpenJDK 11.

Major Enhancements
    * Significantly reworked the TableView's DataProvider, DataValidator and
      DataDisplayConverter code in order to reduce code duplication among the
      different components and steps of retrieving HDF4 and HDF5 data and
      converting it into a displayable format for a table. Also improved
      support for displaying Arrays of Compounds due to the refactoring work.

    * Reworked the datatype class structure as well as the overall object and
      view class structure.

    * Added a field under the "General Object Info" Metadata view tab to
      display link creation order for groups. Also added a field under the
      "Object Attribute Info" tab to display attribute creation order info.

    * Added build code to allow building HDFView without HDF4.

    * Added support for building on PPC64LE systems with GTK+-3.0.

Major Bug Fixes
    * Resolved a performance issue with scrolling and resizing of large

    * Fixed a bug with fill values for unsigned integer type HDF5 datasets.

    * Fixed a bug with 'paging' through the 3rd dimension of String and
      Compound type datasets.

    * Fixed a bug with displaying HDF4 String (8-bit integer) attributes.

    * Added check for existence of Image attributes using H5Aexists_by_name to
      prevent various HDF5 error stacks from appearing when clicking on an

    * Fixed an issue with the Object library package depending on the View
      package, as reported on the HDF Group forum.

    * Fixed a bug with transposing/reshaping data for array datatype datasets.

Limitations / Known Problems
    * HDFView currently cannot nicely handle large datasets when using the
      default display mode, as the data is loaded in its entirety. To view
      large datasets, it is recommended to right click on a data object and
      use the "Open As" menu item, where a subset of data to view can be

    * Writing of variable-length types other than variable-length strings is
      currently unsupported.

    * Object/region references can't be opened by a double-click or by
      right-clicking and choosing "Show As Table/Image" when inside a compound

    * If a file is opened in read-only mode, right-clicking on a dataset in
      in the tree view and choosing any of the options under the
      "Export Dataset" menu item will fail with a message of
      'Unable to export dataset: Unable to open file'. The current workaround
      is to re-open the file in read/write mode.

    * The 'Recent Files' button does not work on Mac due to a cross-platform
      issue with SWT.

    * Selecting and changing individual points in PaletteView for an image
      palette is broken.

Other Notes

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