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Release Information

VersionHDFView 3.0
Release Date2018-08-28


Release Notes

Release Notes

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Only source code is available from the Support Portal.

FileOperating SystemComment
hdfview-3.0.tar.gzSource releaseGzipped source tarball.  Build Instructions
hdfview-3.0.zipSource releaseWindows zip file.  Build Instructions


Release Notes

The current HDFView products can be downloaded at:

HDF Libraries
This release was built and tested with HDF 4.2.x and HDF5 1.10.x.

Windows ONLY: HDFView was built with VS 2015, and it requires that
the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages be installed on your machine.
If you cannot access HDF5 files then you do not have these packages.
You can obtain them from:

This release was built and tested with JDK 1.7.

Major Enhancements
    * Complete overhaul of the GUI framework. Migrated to SWT so HDFView
      now has a more native application look and feel.

    * Separated all DataViews from the main HDFView window
        -- The system window manager can now be used to organize DataViews
           as desired, allowing full maximization and minimization of the
           windows, as well as side-by-side views, window decorations, etc.

        -- The main HDFView window still displays open files and their
           structure on the left hand side

        -- The right side of the window now displays a tabbed dialog with the
           general metadata of the selected object, such as the object name,
           path, type, number of attributes, etc. In addition, the following
           extra information is displayed for these specific objects:
            -- Datasets: Dataspace, Datatype, Chunking Information, Compression
               Ratio, Applied Filters, Allocated Storage and Fill Value are
               displayed. If the Dataset is a Compound Dataset, the datasets'
               Compound Datatype members are displayed as well.

            -- Images: The Dataspace and Datatype of the image are displayed

            -- Groups: Number of members in the group, as well as the group
               member names and types are displayed

            -- Datatypes: Just the type of the Datatype is displayed

        -- As a result of now showing the metadata immediately when an
           object is selected, the 'Show Properties' menu item shown when
           right-clicking on an object in the tree has now been removed and
           replaced with a 'Attributes' tabbed dialog page on the right side
           of the application window to specifically show just the attributes
           of the data object. Clickable buttons are available for adding or
           deleting attributes. The Attributes tab is shown by default.
           Double-clicking an attribute will bring up a table view of the data.

           In addition, the 'User Block' tab in the old 'Show Properties'
           window has been removed and is now a clickable button that has been
           moved out to the metadata display when the selected object is the
           root group of a file.

           The storage layout for HDF5 files are now shown in place of the
           Chunking status.

    * Better support for displaying Compound Datasets
        -- Each Compound entry in the TableView can now be collapsed by
           double clicking on the column header for that entry. If the
           Compound Datatype of the Dataset has nested Compound Datatype
           members inside of it, those members will be collapsable as well,
           as indicated by their individual column headers.

    * The text view class has been removed, text datasets are viewed in the
           standard table view.

    * Added support for split files and family files
        -- When opening split files, the file containing all the metadata
           must be opened

        -- When opening family files, the first file in the family must
           be opened

    * Added support for displaying data of type Array of Compound
        -- Currently only Integer and Float data is supported

    * Added the ability to open multiple files at once using either the
        file browser or by dragging and dropping

    * Complete overhaul of the object library. The datatype class now
        supports a parent-child type structure that more closely matches
        the datatype structure of a hdf5 file. This has refactored
        datatype references in all the other classes. An HObject class
        is the common ancestor of all classes.

    * An issue preventing loading of remote files has been fixed. Remote
        files can now be loaded by typing the URL into the URL bar at
        the top-middle of the application window. Supported URL protocols
        are: http, https, ftp

    * HDFView now opens files in read-only mode by default. Several options
        have been added to allow opening files, as well as reloading files,
        in read/write mode. Text has also been added to the file open dialog
        to clearly indicate the file access mode being used when opening a
        file. The default file access mode may be changed in the User Options
        dialog under the Tools menu.

Major Bug Fixes
    * Fixed issue with transposing/reshaping displayed data where
      'transpose' instead acted as 'reshape' and vice versa

    * Corrected display of Opaque types that were larger than 1 byte in size

    * Corrected issue where trying to save an Image from the ImageView as
      a JPEG threw an IOException and trying to save as a BMP produced an
      empty file

    * Fixed an issue with displaying arrays of variable-length strings

Limitations / Known Problems
    * Writing of variable-length types is currently unsupported

    * The 'Recent Files' button does not work on Mac due to a cross-platform
      issue with SWT

    * Selecting and changing individual points in PaletteView for an image
      palette is broken

Other Notes

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