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Release Information

VersionHDF 4.2.15
Release DateUnder Construction


Release Notes

Release Notes




FileOperating SystemCompilersCommentsMD5 Checksum
hdf-4.2.15.tarSource release Source tar filehdf-4.2.15.md5
hdf-4.2.15.tar.gzSource release Gzipped source tar file  "
hdf-4.2.15.tar.bz2Source release Bzipped source tar file  "
hdf-4.2.15.zipSource release Windows zip file  "
CMake-hdf-4.2.15.tar.gzCMake source release 

Source file to build with CMake on Unix

See: Build Instructions
CMake-hdf-4.2.15.zipCMake source release 

Source file to build with CMake on Windows

See: Build Instructions
hdf-4.2.15-centos7-x86_64-static_64.tar.gzLinux 3.10 CentOS 7 x86_64gcc and gfortran 4.8.5 hdf-4.2.15-centos7-x86_64-static_64.tar.gz.md5
hdf-4.2.15-osx1014-x86_64-static_64.tar.gzDarwin 18.7Apple clang 10.0.1 and gfortran 6.3.0 hdf-4.2.15-osx1014-x86_64-static_64.tar.gz.md5
hdf-4.2.15-osx1013-x86_64-static_64.tar.gzDarwin 17.7Apple clang 10,0.0 and gfortran 6.3.0 hdf-4.2.15-osx1013-x86_64-static_64.tar.gz.md5
hdf-4.2.15-win10_64_vs15.zipWindows 10 64-bitCMake VS 2017 C++, IVF, jdk
hdf-4.2.15-win7_64-vs15.zipWindows 7 64-bitCMake VS 2017 C++, IVF, jdk
hdf-4.2.15-win7_64-vs14.zipWindows 7 64-bitCMake VS 2015 C++, IVF, jdk


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