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Latest Release:   HDFView 3.0

HDFView is a visual tool for browsing and editing HDF4 and HDF5 files.

Using HDFView, you can

  • view a file hierarchy in a tree structure
  • create new files, add or delete groups and datasets
  • view and modify the content of a dataset
  • add, delete and modify attributes   


About This Release: New features and changes, installation, documentation

Tutorial: Learn how to use HDFView to create, edit and view files 

User's Guide: Learn about the features in HDFView

Documentation: The javadocs for HDFView and the HDF Java Object Package

This software:

  • Uses 64-bit object identifiers (for HDF5-1.10)
  • Is packaged with the Java HDF4 and HDF5 Object packages

HDFView and the Java HDF Object Package for 32-bit object identifiers (HDF5-1.8) is ONLY available from the old support web site.

About This Release

HDFView 3.0 was built with HDF5-1.10.3 and with HDF4.2.14.

HDFView 3.0 is a major release that includes the following new features and changes:

  • It supports 64-bit object identifiers, and uses the Java HDF wrappers that were added to HDF5 (in HDF5-1.10) and HDF4 (in HDF 4.2.12 and above).

  • The GUI framework that HDFView uses was migrated from Swing to SWT, which provides a more native application look and feel and advanced support for tables.

  • The data views have been separated from the main HDFView window. The main HDFView window still displays open files and their structures on the left side of the window, and it now displays any metadata on the right side.

  • This release includes improved support for various datatypes (compound, array of compound, and opaque).

For a complete list of the new features and changes in this release, please see the Release Notes.

This version can read files created with any version of HDF5 or HDF4, whereas the older HDFView 2.x software supports files created with HDF5-1.8 (or earlier) and may not be able to read HDF5-1.10 files that include new features.

Important Change:

Please be aware that the change from Swing to SWT will affect users of the Java HDF Object package. With earlier releases of HDF Java, the Swing GUI framework library was required. This is no longer necessary in this release.


See the detailed instructions included in the source code for installing the software.


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