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Retrieves the metadata cache image configuration values for a file access property list


H5P_GET_MDC_IMAGE_CONFIG ( plist_id, config_ptr )


herr_t H5Pget_mdc_image_config(
        hid_t plist_id,
        H5AC_cache_image_config_t * config_ptr)        

hid_t plist_idIN: File access property list identifier
H5AC_cache_image_config_t * config_ptrOUT: Pointer to metadata cache image configuration values


H5P_GET_MDC_IMAGE_CONFIG retrieves the metadata cache image values into config_ptr for the file access property list specified in plist_id.

H5AC_cache_image_config_t is defined as follows:

        typedef struct H5AC_cache_image_config_t {
          int32_t         version;
          hbool_t         generate_image;
          hbool_t         save_resize_status;
          int32_t         entry_ageout;
        } H5AC_cache_image_config_t;

Where the fields of the instance of H5AC_cache_image_config_t passed into the function will be set as follows:

version:Must be set to H5AC__CURR_CACHE_IMAGE_CONFIG_VERSION prior to the call to H5Pget_mdc_image_config()
generate_image:Will be set to either 1 (TRUE) or 0 (FALSE), depending on whether a cache image will be requested
save_resize_status:Will be set to either 1 (TRUE) or 0 (FALSE), depending on whether inclusion of the metadata cache resize configuration is to be included in the cache image. Note that this field is not supported at present.
entry_ageout:Will be set to an integer in the range of -1 to 100. Non negative values indicate the number of close/open cycles a metadata cache can remain in the cache image without being accessed. -1 indicates no limit on the number of such cycles. Note: this field is not supported at present -- thus in effect it is always set to -1.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


Release    Change
1.10.1C function introduced with this release.

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