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Creates a packet table to store fixed-length packets.


H5PT_CREATE_FL(loc_id, dset_name, dtype_id, chunk_size, compression)


hid_t H5PTcreate_fl(hid_t loc_id, const char * dset_name, hid_t dtype_id, hsize_t chunk_size, int compression)


hid_t loc_id

    IN: Identifier of the file or group to create the table within.

const char * dset_name

    IN: The name of the dataset to create.

hid_t dtype_id

    IN: The datatype of a packet.

hsize_t chunk_size

    IN: Chunk size, in number of table entries per chunk.

    Packet table datasets use HDF5 chunked storage to allow them to grow. This value allows the user to set the size of a chunk. The chunk size affects performance.

int compression

    IN: Compression level, a value of 0 through 9. Level 0 is faster but offers the least compression; level 9 is slower but offers maximum compression. A setting of -1 indicates that no compression is desired.


    H5PTcreate_fl creates and opens a packet table named dset_name attached to the object specified by the identifier loc_id. It should be closed with H5PTclose.

    The datatype, dtype_id, may specify any datatype, including variable-length data. If dtype_id specifies a compound datatype, one or more fields in that compound type may be variable-length.

    Please note that H5PTcreate_fl has been deprecated. H5PTcreate should be used instead.


Returns an identifier for the new packet table, or H5I_BADID on error.


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