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Creates a dataset as an attribute of another group, dataset, or named datatype (DEPRECATED)

This function was deprecated in favor of the function H5A_CREATE2.


H5A_CREATE1 ( loc_id, attr_name, type_id, space_id, acpl_id )


hid_t H5Acreate1(
        hid_t loc_id,
        const char *attr_name,
        hid_t type_id,
        hid_t space_id,
        hid_t acpl_id

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hid_t loc_idIN: Identifier for the object to which the attribute is to be attached
May be any HDF5 object identifier (group, dataset, or committed datatype) or an HDF5 file identifier; if loc_id is a file identifier, the attribute will be attached to that file’s root group.
const char * attr_name    IN: Name of attribute to create
hid_t type_idIN: Identifier of datatype for attribute
hid_t space_idIN: Identifier of dataspace for attribute
hid_t acpl_idIN: Identifier of creation property list
(Currently not used; specify H5P_DEFAULT .)


H5A_CREATE1 creates the attribute attr_name attached to the object specified with loc_id.

The attribute name specified in attr_name must be unique. Attempting to create an attribute with the same name as an already existing attribute will fail, leaving the pre-existing attribute in place. To overwrite an existing attribute with a new attribute of the same name, first call H5A_DELETE then recreate the attribute with H5A_CREATE1.

The datatype and dataspace identifiers of the attribute, type_id and space_id, respectively, are created with the H5T and H5S interfaces, respectively.

Currently only simple dataspaces are allowed for attribute dataspaces.

The attribute creation property list, acpl_id, is currently unused; it may be used in the future for optional attribute properties. At this time, H5P_DEFAULT is the only accepted value. The attribute identifier returned from this function must be released with H5Aclose or resource leaks will develop.


Returns an attribute identifier if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


Coming Soon!

Release    C
1.8.0The function H5Acreate renamed to H5Acreate1 and deprecated in this release.

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