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The main HDF5 library includes low-level APIs to provide user applications with fine-grained control of HDF5 functionality.

  • AttributesCreating and manipulating HDF5 attributes (H5A)
  • DatasetsCreating and manipulating scientific datasets (H5D)
  • DataspacesCreating and manipulating dataspaces in which to store elements of a dataset (H5S)
  • DatatypesCreating and manipulating datatypes which describe elements of a dataset (H5T)
  • Error HandlingFunctions for handling errors that occur within HDF5 (H5E)
  • FilesCreating and manipulating HDF5 files (H5F)
  • FiltersConfiguring filters that process data during I/O operation (H5Z)
  • GroupsCreating and manipulating groups of objects inside an HDF5 file (H5G)
  • IdentifiersManipulating object identifiers and object names (H5I)
  • LibraryGeneral purpose library functions (H5)
  • LinksCreating and manipulating links within an HDF5 group (H5L)
  • ObjectsManipulating objects in an HDF5 file (H5O)
  • PluginsProgrammatically controlling dynamically loaded plugins (H5PL)
  • Property ListsCreating and manipulating property lists to control HDF5 library behavior (H5P)
  • ReferencesCreating and manipulating references to specific objects and data regions in an HDF5 file (H5R)
  • Virtual Object LayerUsing the Virtual Object Layer (H5VL)

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