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The following topics are broadly applicable in HDF5 applications.

  • Dynamic Plugins in HDF5 - Describes the use of dynamic plugins, including dynamically loaded filters, in HDF5. These plugins need not be registered with the HDF5 library.
  • Using the Direct Chunk Write Function - Describes another way that chunks can be written to datasets
  • Copying Committed Datatypes with H5Ocopy - Describes how to copy to another file a dataset that uses a committed datatype or an object with an attribute that uses a committed datatype so that the committed datatype in the destination file can be used by multiple objects
  • HDF5 Metadata - Provides a comprehensive overview of the types of metadata used in HDF5
  • HDF5 Data Flow Pipeline for H5Dread - Describes data flow when reading raw data from an HDF5 dataset
  • Virtual Dataset - VDS - Describes how to present data stored in several HDF5 datasets and files as a single dataset and access the data using HDF5 APIs (HDF5-1.10)

The following topics are of interest in certain limited situations such as when space utilization or performance must be carefully tuned.

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